Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Foreign Exchange and Spontaneity!

Hey guys and girls! I know that it actually has been a while since my words has touched this page but don't fret anymore! I am back (or so I believe). It's just that I have been so caught up with school business (soooo not a pleasant experience) and such that it's been difficult to post. I was just so stressed and depressed to even try and push these keys (eventhough it's irresistible cause my keyboard's wireless). Anyway, while reading my lengthy rant, please enjoy this selection from The Foreign Exchange's new album Leave It All Behind. Just a little disclaimer: you probably will hear a lot of The Foreign Exchange on my page on account of they are my current inspiration.

Leave It All Behind - The Foreign Exchange

Anyway, to initiate this little blog, I would like to say that school isn't really working out for me. Despite being alone during lunch (either reading The Dead Emcee Scrolls while listening to my iPod, which is actually quite interesting, or playing my PSP) and some of my classes, I just don't like the whole atmosphere of the school. I mean, the people aren't bad at all and the staff is very friendly, I guess it's just not for me. However, we have to make do with what we have been given.

With that out of my system, I just want to say that this whole experience is quite...experiency. Lol. Anyway, to set aside all my complaints and stresses, I just wanted to say that out of all this, something miraculous happened. This is how it all started out! So, apparently, I had scheduled the appointment to arrange my classes during lunch time (and since I have failed to mention that there are two lunch times on account of there are just too many students, I'm mentioning it now. Yes, we do have two lunches). So, I headed to the guidance office to check with the counselor regarding my schedule changes. After all was said and done, I was quite content with what the counselor has given me. The classes were much more simpler than the once that preceded it. However, my lunch got moved to fourth period (initially it was during third period). So! As soon as I got out of that counselor's office, it was another hour of lunch for me. Oh how boring it was. So, I had to keep myself entertained somehow right? Correct. I put on Ong-Bak on my PSP and I was watching it until halfway through the movie, and idea struck me. I felt like I had to write something just for fun. The urge popped up out of nowhere. So, I grabbed my pad and the little multicolored Pilot mini that hid snug on the left side of my jean pocket, put on that Foreign Exchange track and began to scribble. What came out of the gibberish surprised me. Until right now it still gives me the chills. Although I was conscious when I was writing it, it just really freaked me out. So, for your viewing pleasure, the poem I had written in 5 minutes during lunch (another disclaimer, you might not understand it and it might not make sense to you but it just really weirded me out so I really feel like I have to share.):

"Eye unzipped my bag hoping
To find the truth hidden in the
Dark void of tables, cups end
Hopes but failed only to come
Across an old raggedy [note]
Book covered with peas, free-
Dumb and cocktails made out
Off a bouquet of Flo[wars]

Frustrations seem to be
The only source for my
Quest. Could it be I'm
Doing this to re-find My
Self? Sir Rounded and
Miss Understood followed me all
Day nagging and $h14! Eye
Nod my head agreeing as if
Some puppy to my E-motions.

Have eye been re-programmed
Buy some computer as an
Android ([Lackey]ng feelings)
And following some unknown beat
Or force that hinders Mii from
Pro-gressing and re-adapting
To this Nu-land?
Eye Guess Wii'l have to find out."

Haha! Well, there you go. I guess I'll just post more tomorrow or the weekend (whichever comes first). I hope all the best for you guys and thanks for reading though I know I'm weird.

Stay Classy San Diego!

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