Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jamlia was so right!

Lol. So, I made an account on tumblr and immediately fell in love with it. You guys should check it out and create one. It's so interesting!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anthropology class gets the creative juices flowing


I spin the clock backwards andmake it stop between two and three because you and me,
You and me be flying past the hands of time as they try to grasp our wings
And cripple our dreams, hour future, hour past, hour present, hour now.
12 o'clock chases us around threatening to take out the batteries that run our love.
But he be ignorant to the fact that we are So-lar and do not rely on bases to make us run.

Run to the sun with the wings of Icarus, the son.
Ours don't melt for it is constructed with the future.
And no one can erode the future cause you're too far behind to see in front of you,
Blinded by the words of your peers telling you to do this, to do that,
Controlled and surrounded by machine puppeteers.

I stick to the essentials and the roots for everything.
I grab her hand and ride on the winds of ecstasy,
Soaring over the cant's and shouldn'ts and all the oppressions and obstructions.
I close my eyes and feel her heartbeats synchronize with time.
The beats of our passion and the hums of our love make the philharmonic run for its money.

She closes her eyes and her expression paints a picture of her love.
Her eyelashes stroke the lines and the curves on the canvas of our dreams.
And the colours so [vibrnt], so inviting, her emotion permeating from the pores of her soul.
The hues blends with the me's and they dance together eternally in the sunburnt sky.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Cellphones and Insecurities

Be Allright (remix) - The Foreign Exchange

Oh how life is starting to slowly change. Things are actually looking out for the better for once. If I haven't posted yet, I have successfully and safely moved to Toronto area (specifically Etobicoke) and it's actually quite nice. It makes me somewhat feel that I am home. It's much more urban which sends out a pretty nice vibe.

For some reason, however, my insecurities are starting to manifest itself, becoming so evident that even I start to wonder why I am this way. It's pretty difficult trying to combat the emotions when the trip kicks in. Every time I'm around people (i.e. the mall or some public place) I start to become very very shy and insecure. Honestly, I don't really know why I'm writing about it but I felt that I just needed to let it out. Hopefully this doesn't last for too long. Well, this "thing" has actually been around since California though it slowly started to disappear, it seems that the lack of friends and companions to keep my confidence high, it just pummeled me with outstanding force. I just feel like I need to hide in a shell every time. I really pray that this doesn't last. I really think I need help (Lol).

Anyway, enough with my rantings. Let's just see how the future unfolds and how the pages will turn. Hope all is well with you.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Love - Musiq Soulchild


Hue and i paint the sky sadness
To rid ourselves of the blues.
I saxophoned the pain away
C-ing the notes as it flew past your ears.

You closed your eyes to feel the
Full effect of the reverberations of the
Notes from the walls,
Groovin' and Snappin',
Your head bobbin to the emotions
Of my instrument

You grabbed the flute and jammed
To the melody of the b[anned].
Our notes dancing in the air amidst
The sweet ambiance of brass and wind.

The sweetest love is made void
Of contact, of touch.
Our thoughts spelled out in the air,
Decoding it with ease.
I read your feelings and
Hue, red mind.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well done my friend.

Well Done - Passion

We never truly do know what we have until it's gone.

It's surprising how someone can stand in front of you one day and be gone the next. Though I am thousands of miles away, I can still remember him sitting across from me, spinning his phone, annoying Marzen, and always smiling. Sadly, I received a message yesterday. Something so grim it stopped me from what I was doing just to make sure the information was correct. Apparently, a friend of mine was involved in an accident February 17, 2009 at approximately 3:00 PM. Unfortunately, he didn't survive. My friend Roger Nunez, a person I've known since 7th grade but did not really get to know until my final semester in Northridge, passed away. I didn't expect this to happen. It was so sudden. What I also didn't expect was my reaction to it. As soon as his passing was confirmed, I suddenly felt a heaviness in my chest followed by violent tears. It is so difficult to grasp the fact that someone you know has passed let alone your friend. However, we know that he's in a much better place now and one day we will be at his side. I just hope that I got to see him when I find my way back to California.

What I learned from this is that we must treasure those who are so near and dear to us. We sometimes take things or people for granted thinking that they'll be around later or tomorrow. However, nothing is ever certain.

Rest In Peace my dear friend Roger Nunez.
My thoughts are with you.
Love you bro.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Foreign Exchange and Spontaneity!

Hey guys and girls! I know that it actually has been a while since my words has touched this page but don't fret anymore! I am back (or so I believe). It's just that I have been so caught up with school business (soooo not a pleasant experience) and such that it's been difficult to post. I was just so stressed and depressed to even try and push these keys (eventhough it's irresistible cause my keyboard's wireless). Anyway, while reading my lengthy rant, please enjoy this selection from The Foreign Exchange's new album Leave It All Behind. Just a little disclaimer: you probably will hear a lot of The Foreign Exchange on my page on account of they are my current inspiration.

Leave It All Behind - The Foreign Exchange

Anyway, to initiate this little blog, I would like to say that school isn't really working out for me. Despite being alone during lunch (either reading The Dead Emcee Scrolls while listening to my iPod, which is actually quite interesting, or playing my PSP) and some of my classes, I just don't like the whole atmosphere of the school. I mean, the people aren't bad at all and the staff is very friendly, I guess it's just not for me. However, we have to make do with what we have been given.

With that out of my system, I just want to say that this whole experience is quite...experiency. Lol. Anyway, to set aside all my complaints and stresses, I just wanted to say that out of all this, something miraculous happened. This is how it all started out! So, apparently, I had scheduled the appointment to arrange my classes during lunch time (and since I have failed to mention that there are two lunch times on account of there are just too many students, I'm mentioning it now. Yes, we do have two lunches). So, I headed to the guidance office to check with the counselor regarding my schedule changes. After all was said and done, I was quite content with what the counselor has given me. The classes were much more simpler than the once that preceded it. However, my lunch got moved to fourth period (initially it was during third period). So! As soon as I got out of that counselor's office, it was another hour of lunch for me. Oh how boring it was. So, I had to keep myself entertained somehow right? Correct. I put on Ong-Bak on my PSP and I was watching it until halfway through the movie, and idea struck me. I felt like I had to write something just for fun. The urge popped up out of nowhere. So, I grabbed my pad and the little multicolored Pilot mini that hid snug on the left side of my jean pocket, put on that Foreign Exchange track and began to scribble. What came out of the gibberish surprised me. Until right now it still gives me the chills. Although I was conscious when I was writing it, it just really freaked me out. So, for your viewing pleasure, the poem I had written in 5 minutes during lunch (another disclaimer, you might not understand it and it might not make sense to you but it just really weirded me out so I really feel like I have to share.):

"Eye unzipped my bag hoping
To find the truth hidden in the
Dark void of tables, cups end
Hopes but failed only to come
Across an old raggedy [note]
Book covered with peas, free-
Dumb and cocktails made out
Off a bouquet of Flo[wars]

Frustrations seem to be
The only source for my
Quest. Could it be I'm
Doing this to re-find My
Self? Sir Rounded and
Miss Understood followed me all
Day nagging and $h14! Eye
Nod my head agreeing as if
Some puppy to my E-motions.

Have eye been re-programmed
Buy some computer as an
Android ([Lackey]ng feelings)
And following some unknown beat
Or force that hinders Mii from
Pro-gressing and re-adapting
To this Nu-land?
Eye Guess Wii'l have to find out."

Haha! Well, there you go. I guess I'll just post more tomorrow or the weekend (whichever comes first). I hope all the best for you guys and thanks for reading though I know I'm weird.

Stay Classy San Diego!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The most clever song out on Rainbow Road

Let's go again. Some songs you just have to give props due to their clever words and conecepts. This is one of those songs. It's pretty self explanatory and I hope it does brighten your mood as it did mine:

The Mario Kart Love Song by blinktwice4y:

Mario Kart Love Song (Original).mp3 -

"Saw it on Jamila's blog:]"

The end of the weekend wasn't quite what I expected. Let's just say that I wasn't in the right condition after. Anyway, I couldn't really hold myself back from calling several people including" Janis, Vaughn, Stephen, Jazer (late happy birthday once again), Monica, Mary, Karen, and Justin. Hopefully I didn't call more. I confessed some things and said stuff that I had to without hesitation. It was quite funny if you ask me. Patched things up with Monica. Stuff like that.

Anyway, Im going to keep this short so you won't get bored while reading it. Well, this is actually pretty boring already as it is so I say, "GOOD LUCK!" However, I'm pretty sure that "The Mario Kart Love Song" is keeping you entertained. It's making your head swing from side to side and re-programming your heart to synchronize its beat with the songs (though the song doesn't have a beat, you know what I'm saying).

Final point of the day. I'm going to register for school tomorrow and I'm quite nervous about it. If you haven't seen my updates on Myspace when I had first arrived in Canada, it basically said that "I am a caramel swirl in a vanilla lake." Yes, indeed. It doesn't matter though. I heard that these kids were quite nice. Let me just say that nothing will ever beat NAHS. That's already a given.

I guess this is it for today. Hope you have a good day at school while I rest;] See you all soon! Only about 730 more days til' I come back home:]

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The bird who flew out of the nest

This selection is quite interesting. I first stumbled upon this song in my cousin's wedding CD. Since I unfortunately lost the case, I didn't really get the chance to actually know the title of the song. Then, about 3-4 years later, while Reese and I were sitting on the couch trying to look for cool songs, she said, "Do you listen to Tony Terry?" I had said that I wasn't familiar with him and his work. So, she searched up one of his songs in Imeem. To my surprise, it was the song that I was searching for this whole time. So, for your hearing pleasure, Here's When I'm With You by Tony Terry:

When Im With You - Tony Terry

So, to start off, I just realized that I had not blogged yesterday. Ugh! I was on a streak too! I was blogging everyday except for yesterday. Oh well! Anyway, I woke up to a weird dream. I was taking part in a reality T.V. show and I was supposed to box with a random contestant. I was very very afraid on who I was going to be pitted up against but I knew I was going to win for it was MY dream. Anyway, when I was finally getting called up, I heard "You don't have to call" by Usher. I thought to myself, "Well, that's weird." Then I realized that it was my ringtone and woke up immediately. It was actually my mother asking what my foot size was so she could buy me boots for school on Monday (SCHOOL ON MONDAYYYY! NOOOO!). Anyway, I jumped back into bed and instantaneously traveled back into dream land. It was a different dream, however. This time, it started off in a hall and there were kids causing pandemonium and such then gradually switched to a scene where I'm riding in a car with my Uncle as the driver. For some reason, there were numerous amounts of people on the freeway (mostly women from what I remember) promoting gay rights or something. It was quite freaky because in that one scene alone, I would have to say we almost got into 3-4 accidents and actually hitting 1 car. I don't know what the hell that was about. Then, I woke up:]

So, I laid on my bed motionless for about 20-30 minutes thinking about nothing, really. Then, I decided to open up one of the backpacks I had packed inside one of my boxes. So, I rushed to where my box had been placed, open the lid, and I yanked it out past the shoes and the CDs. And the backpack, if I may say, was quite heavy. So, I swiftly opened the backpack and reached for the big card sticking out. It was my "Good Bye" card from my friends at Northridge Academy High School (NAHS). So, I began to read through the little messages one by one. The more I read, the more my heart became heavy. I missed these fellas more than anything in the world (except for my sister of course). Then, like clockwork, I once again began to reminisce. Oh I miss the happy times. Then, it hit me again that school starts in less than 48 hours. Oh how different it will be. However, I must make the best of it. I shouldn't be afraid of going to a new school. I'm doing this for me and my future. So, in a sense, if I'm afraid of going to school, I'm afraid of my own future (If that made sense. Don't worry, I'm just trying to empower my self mentally). Anyway, I guess it will be a new experience. I'm only going in for one semester anyway (HOPEFULLY! OH HOW I PRAY TO GOD THAT IT'S ONLY ONE SEMESTER!).

It's really hard to say this but I miss California more and more everyday. I try hard to adapt to this new place, and I'm slowly warming up to it (Get it? Warming up? Cause it's cold and snowing? AHHH you know what I mean;]). However, what got to me was (I don't know if I had said this on my previous blog but I'm going to restate it anyway cause this is my site and I could practically do whatever I want with it and whenever I want:]) Vaughn's voicemail the other day. I actually do believe I've stated this before. Oh well! It just got to my heart, that's why. Don't worry, 3 years will be nothing. Yo Vaughn (Including Stephen, Ate Lyza, Kuya Jeff, Justin, John, Jon, and everyone else. You know who you are), just think of it like this, If we were able to be friends for more than 3 years, this little obstacle will be a piece of cake. You know that and I know that. It's just a matter of time before you start planning out a reunion, nigg!

And since this is a blog about me flying away from the nest, I just wanted to say that I truly do miss my sister more than anything in the world. I've never cried harder than the last moments we spent together in that airport terminal. That scene just can't be erased from my memory bank. I recall the first night that I arrived in Canada, I locked myself in the room that my brother and I were given to use, and just hid under the blankets. Clutching the little Beanie Baby (in the form of a monkey) that she had given to me the day before my family's departure, and attempting to halt the flow of the tears from my eyes to the comforter, I gave her a call to tell her that I missed her and I loved her very much. Don't worry, Ate, we'll be back soon:]

Anyway, once again, this was a pretty lengthy blog. I understand if you're bushed right after you read this. Actually, you might not even read this thing at all:] Nevertheless, I got to say what I wanted to and I got things out of my pecks (I'm a man so I don't have a chest;] Joke). I greet you a Good Morning California because it's barely 10:24 am there and it's already 1:24 pm here. Thanks for stopping by and Stay Classy, San Diego.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anyway that we coincide is love

So, today was the first time I actually had the change to use BlogTV in a while. However, Jagg told me that it was getting quite old:] Nevertheless, I still used it. I never really openly video blogged live without a guitar before (well, there were times before this one but this particular blog was longer than those). So, that was quite interesting if I may say. JecJec cohosted me and this is what she came up with.

Cartoon Me

I really think she captured my image:]
Anyway, while reading my blog, enjoy this tune that Ms. Alerissa Mariano showed me a couple of days ago (wish her luck cause she's playing UCLA with her sister AJ along with Jagg and Randy P). I've heard the song before but I never really knew who sang it. My, I was so naive:

Caught Up In The Rapture - Anita Baker

Well, today was quite interesting if you ask. Woke up to a good mood actually. After lying in bed under the covers for a good twenty minutes, deciding whether to pick up my iPod and listen to a few tunes just to start out the morning well or just put it off, I believe I made the right decision. Those few songs just set me up for about the rest of the day. Let me tell you something. Nothing is as relaxing in the morning like lying in bed for a good 30 minutes listening to Dwele or the Foreign Exchange. I think there were some John Legend thrown in there too. Ohh what a line up! Anyway, after waking up, my dad urged me to help him with shoveling the driveway. Usually, this was my brother's job. Unfortunately for me, he was still asleep. So, I was the only choice. I was planning on running today but I believe that carrying a weighty shovel, dragging it on the ground (and occasionally pushing it forward), and tossing a good amount of snow was enough to replace that idea of running. It sure did the trick. The pain that coursed through my body felt as if I've shoveled for a good 30 minutes;] Well, I believe I'm over exaggerating. It didn't even hurt. I guess I just said that to impress you guys (JOKE JOKE JOKE!). Anyway, I spent my evening blogging (as I have said in my intro). Initially, it was only JecJec who I was conversing with, then JP entered in. Since Jec was pretty bored, she decided to do a little caricature of me (as you will see in the image about if you have not already). I should feel special however. She revealed to me that she does not normally do this kind of work in such short time. She told me that once a person asks for her to draw them, it usually takes her a day or sometimes even a week before she begins on the project. Lucky Me! Then, JJ went on saying that he wasn't going to Jagg's show. What a little Liar:] He then showed me the Barrel Man that he had promised me, with everyone's names written all over the barrel. I love that man. Hopefully he could ship it out to me.

I was surprised however! I had not known that most of the FCF youth were in his house! I felt so joyful and excited seeing them and them greeting me. I can't even explain how i felt. Then, I showed Michael Sean his portrait that I took with me all the way here to Canada. All of them went "AWWWWW!" as if they all of a sudden became invigorated by something. I don't know, that was pretty funny. I told him I was taking it with me all the way here:] Anyway, after that, I just TokBoxed with Jec for pretty much the remainder of the whole night. And Oh! My Australian friend, Ms. Nessa Ramos showed me her new video. Here's a link:] . She's so talented. If you think you're "a girl who puts up with her guys lies but realizes in the end that she doesn't have to take it anymore and she can do her own thing," you must listen to this song.

Once again, I bid you a fair evening and thank you for putting up with my pretty lengthy blogs. It's already 12:12 here and must I emphasize my dislike of the 3 hour difference with California. Ughhh! So once again my friends, Goodnight and have a pleasant Tomorrow!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trust me baby, I confide in your love

Dwele just keeps on amazing me!
Enjoy this tune and let him put you in a love trance.

Dwele - Kick Out of You - Dwele

Today was quite enjoyable. To be honest, I really had nothing to do. So, I spent the day the same way I did for the ones that preceded today: practicing "singing." Since I really have no guitar handy, might as well work with the one I can never really get rid of, right? :] Anyway, that was such a pleasant activity. Besides that, however, I really did nothing. Oh! I just remembered. School starts next week, that is if I get my transcripts in time and I set up an appointment for my classes. I'm pretty sure that will go smoothly. I'm not really that excited to start school again. I had the chance to visit the school once and didn't really get the vibe that I had wanted. Nevertheless, the thrill of learning I hope will compensate for that. I really do miss school though. Haha! Speaking of school, my former schoolmates (and still my bestfriends) revealed to me information that probably made my High School Career worth it. I just found out I was voted best musician in Northridge Academy for the class of 2008-2009! Go Pumas! Oh how I miss my school. I have confidence in saying that NAHS has one of the best student teacher/staff relationships out of a lot of schools in the area. Hehe.

Ohh Wee! It's good that I got the troubles out of my head and just goin' with the flow as sj2 might say. Just cruisin' by and trying to make the best out of my situation. As My Main Man, Ray (Randolph P-izza;]) told me, "Just do you!" And that's what I've been doing.

Ya'll have a wonderful rest of the evening and I hope you stop by next blog;]
I'm pretty sure that one will be more interesting than this one. Hehe!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cause my voice can't reach you

This is my medium of choice. Feelgood music just gets to you especially after a shi**y day.

Closer - Slum Village

Really, it does seem as if the days keep getting worse and worse. Despite my life being so idle at the moment, though it is expected during the first months of a major move, I can't help but feel it'll just head downhill from here. However, I must keep an optimistic view. I can't help but just think about the good ol' times. I remember this, always. Nothing beats just chillin with Vaughn, Stephen, and John in the Prelude. Cruisin down whatever road, trying to argue on our destination, them doin' their thing and me doin' mine. Sometimes just sharing random stories on how our life is goin' [whether it was going well or going horribly, nothing was a bad topic]. Just as long as we spoke to each other and expressed what was goin on in our minds everything would be just fine. I remember my last few weeks in California. There was some things going on between all of us that bothered one anothing. However, knowing that we resolved that just reinforced the already concrete fact that we all truly will stay friends. Though the distance is great, the connection will never disappear.

I apologize for all the drama. It's just that the mood ain't to great today. At least not better than yesterday. Too many things bothering me lately and I just wanted to "vent." Haha. It's just funny that I keep listening to "Closer" and it feels like I need to keep writing. Does it help that I put it on repeat? I guess no one will really know. Hopefully tomorrow truly will be a brighter day, though I really doubt it. To start a new topic, I am really thankful that God has provided both my parents with great job interviews and for always blessing us and keeping us safe. I guess Kuya Jeff instilled in me the hobby of praying. I even say "Lord, God" everytime I pray now. So, thank you for that Kuya Jeff! Hopefully I get to that point Kuya Jeff! [You know what I'm talking about].

Hehe. I would also like to thank Jessica Luanne Ilagan for telling me a very crude joke though it did add some levity to my evening. May you sleep well at night with that notion:] Haha!
And also to Jamila, who appears to be suffering with the "under the weather" blues. Hope you get well soon:]

Well, I guess I'm out for this evening. Have yourself a wonderful evening.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wait for me to move out West

Enjoy the song while reading these words I type:

Playing Favorites (Acoustic) - The Starting Line

These past few days, It's really getting more and more difficult. I've probably visited Toronto about 4 times in a span of 2 days. Everytime I see this urban area (and the lifestyle that surrounds it) the more my eagerness to go back seems to grow. I cannot really explain how saddened I am, everyday that I am thousands of miles away from my true home. It just doesn't feel comfortable. Often times I would lie in bed listening to my iPod and a song would come in that would make me reminisce about a certain event that happened back in L.A. Everytime this happens, I would close my eyes and imagine the moment. I concentrate deeply on it until eventually I feel like as if I'm actually living it once again. I feel every emotion that I actually felt and all the happiness and the joys that occured. For that short moment I find happiness; seeing all the faces, and though it may sound weird, reliving the experiences. Eventually, however, I would have to open my eyes and see a white wall, right on top of me. Then, i try to hold back a tear that coaxes itself out. I do very well in supressing it. Nothing seems right though I try very hard to get used to this new place. I know I haven't really touched on this subject on my previous posts but I just felt like I had to today. Things hve been bothering me lately and I am "down" as one might say. I can't really explain why but my heart feels so heavy. I just want to be back home, where I truly belong. Where all my friends and family wait for me. To see all their faces, smiles, and even frowns. It doesn't matter what expression their faces depict as long as I am there with them. I miss everyone, I truly do. This song, however, doesn't do me well. It makes me too sad but its words truly speak what my heart wants to say. I love you all and I hope you know that.