Saturday, February 21, 2009


Love - Musiq Soulchild


Hue and i paint the sky sadness
To rid ourselves of the blues.
I saxophoned the pain away
C-ing the notes as it flew past your ears.

You closed your eyes to feel the
Full effect of the reverberations of the
Notes from the walls,
Groovin' and Snappin',
Your head bobbin to the emotions
Of my instrument

You grabbed the flute and jammed
To the melody of the b[anned].
Our notes dancing in the air amidst
The sweet ambiance of brass and wind.

The sweetest love is made void
Of contact, of touch.
Our thoughts spelled out in the air,
Decoding it with ease.
I read your feelings and
Hue, red mind.


  1. hiiii andro!!
    lol saw ur away so i HAD to.

    mhmmmm one of my favvv songs (: