Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well done my friend.

Well Done - Passion

We never truly do know what we have until it's gone.

It's surprising how someone can stand in front of you one day and be gone the next. Though I am thousands of miles away, I can still remember him sitting across from me, spinning his phone, annoying Marzen, and always smiling. Sadly, I received a message yesterday. Something so grim it stopped me from what I was doing just to make sure the information was correct. Apparently, a friend of mine was involved in an accident February 17, 2009 at approximately 3:00 PM. Unfortunately, he didn't survive. My friend Roger Nunez, a person I've known since 7th grade but did not really get to know until my final semester in Northridge, passed away. I didn't expect this to happen. It was so sudden. What I also didn't expect was my reaction to it. As soon as his passing was confirmed, I suddenly felt a heaviness in my chest followed by violent tears. It is so difficult to grasp the fact that someone you know has passed let alone your friend. However, we know that he's in a much better place now and one day we will be at his side. I just hope that I got to see him when I find my way back to California.

What I learned from this is that we must treasure those who are so near and dear to us. We sometimes take things or people for granted thinking that they'll be around later or tomorrow. However, nothing is ever certain.

Rest In Peace my dear friend Roger Nunez.
My thoughts are with you.
Love you bro.

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