Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anyway that we coincide is love

So, today was the first time I actually had the change to use BlogTV in a while. However, Jagg told me that it was getting quite old:] Nevertheless, I still used it. I never really openly video blogged live without a guitar before (well, there were times before this one but this particular blog was longer than those). So, that was quite interesting if I may say. JecJec cohosted me and this is what she came up with.

Cartoon Me

I really think she captured my image:]
Anyway, while reading my blog, enjoy this tune that Ms. Alerissa Mariano showed me a couple of days ago (wish her luck cause she's playing UCLA with her sister AJ along with Jagg and Randy P). I've heard the song before but I never really knew who sang it. My, I was so naive:

Caught Up In The Rapture - Anita Baker

Well, today was quite interesting if you ask. Woke up to a good mood actually. After lying in bed under the covers for a good twenty minutes, deciding whether to pick up my iPod and listen to a few tunes just to start out the morning well or just put it off, I believe I made the right decision. Those few songs just set me up for about the rest of the day. Let me tell you something. Nothing is as relaxing in the morning like lying in bed for a good 30 minutes listening to Dwele or the Foreign Exchange. I think there were some John Legend thrown in there too. Ohh what a line up! Anyway, after waking up, my dad urged me to help him with shoveling the driveway. Usually, this was my brother's job. Unfortunately for me, he was still asleep. So, I was the only choice. I was planning on running today but I believe that carrying a weighty shovel, dragging it on the ground (and occasionally pushing it forward), and tossing a good amount of snow was enough to replace that idea of running. It sure did the trick. The pain that coursed through my body felt as if I've shoveled for a good 30 minutes;] Well, I believe I'm over exaggerating. It didn't even hurt. I guess I just said that to impress you guys (JOKE JOKE JOKE!). Anyway, I spent my evening blogging (as I have said in my intro). Initially, it was only JecJec who I was conversing with, then JP entered in. Since Jec was pretty bored, she decided to do a little caricature of me (as you will see in the image about if you have not already). I should feel special however. She revealed to me that she does not normally do this kind of work in such short time. She told me that once a person asks for her to draw them, it usually takes her a day or sometimes even a week before she begins on the project. Lucky Me! Then, JJ went on saying that he wasn't going to Jagg's show. What a little Liar:] He then showed me the Barrel Man that he had promised me, with everyone's names written all over the barrel. I love that man. Hopefully he could ship it out to me.

I was surprised however! I had not known that most of the FCF youth were in his house! I felt so joyful and excited seeing them and them greeting me. I can't even explain how i felt. Then, I showed Michael Sean his portrait that I took with me all the way here to Canada. All of them went "AWWWWW!" as if they all of a sudden became invigorated by something. I don't know, that was pretty funny. I told him I was taking it with me all the way here:] Anyway, after that, I just TokBoxed with Jec for pretty much the remainder of the whole night. And Oh! My Australian friend, Ms. Nessa Ramos showed me her new video. Here's a link:] . She's so talented. If you think you're "a girl who puts up with her guys lies but realizes in the end that she doesn't have to take it anymore and she can do her own thing," you must listen to this song.

Once again, I bid you a fair evening and thank you for putting up with my pretty lengthy blogs. It's already 12:12 here and must I emphasize my dislike of the 3 hour difference with California. Ughhh! So once again my friends, Goodnight and have a pleasant Tomorrow!


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