Saturday, January 31, 2009

The bird who flew out of the nest

This selection is quite interesting. I first stumbled upon this song in my cousin's wedding CD. Since I unfortunately lost the case, I didn't really get the chance to actually know the title of the song. Then, about 3-4 years later, while Reese and I were sitting on the couch trying to look for cool songs, she said, "Do you listen to Tony Terry?" I had said that I wasn't familiar with him and his work. So, she searched up one of his songs in Imeem. To my surprise, it was the song that I was searching for this whole time. So, for your hearing pleasure, Here's When I'm With You by Tony Terry:

When Im With You - Tony Terry

So, to start off, I just realized that I had not blogged yesterday. Ugh! I was on a streak too! I was blogging everyday except for yesterday. Oh well! Anyway, I woke up to a weird dream. I was taking part in a reality T.V. show and I was supposed to box with a random contestant. I was very very afraid on who I was going to be pitted up against but I knew I was going to win for it was MY dream. Anyway, when I was finally getting called up, I heard "You don't have to call" by Usher. I thought to myself, "Well, that's weird." Then I realized that it was my ringtone and woke up immediately. It was actually my mother asking what my foot size was so she could buy me boots for school on Monday (SCHOOL ON MONDAYYYY! NOOOO!). Anyway, I jumped back into bed and instantaneously traveled back into dream land. It was a different dream, however. This time, it started off in a hall and there were kids causing pandemonium and such then gradually switched to a scene where I'm riding in a car with my Uncle as the driver. For some reason, there were numerous amounts of people on the freeway (mostly women from what I remember) promoting gay rights or something. It was quite freaky because in that one scene alone, I would have to say we almost got into 3-4 accidents and actually hitting 1 car. I don't know what the hell that was about. Then, I woke up:]

So, I laid on my bed motionless for about 20-30 minutes thinking about nothing, really. Then, I decided to open up one of the backpacks I had packed inside one of my boxes. So, I rushed to where my box had been placed, open the lid, and I yanked it out past the shoes and the CDs. And the backpack, if I may say, was quite heavy. So, I swiftly opened the backpack and reached for the big card sticking out. It was my "Good Bye" card from my friends at Northridge Academy High School (NAHS). So, I began to read through the little messages one by one. The more I read, the more my heart became heavy. I missed these fellas more than anything in the world (except for my sister of course). Then, like clockwork, I once again began to reminisce. Oh I miss the happy times. Then, it hit me again that school starts in less than 48 hours. Oh how different it will be. However, I must make the best of it. I shouldn't be afraid of going to a new school. I'm doing this for me and my future. So, in a sense, if I'm afraid of going to school, I'm afraid of my own future (If that made sense. Don't worry, I'm just trying to empower my self mentally). Anyway, I guess it will be a new experience. I'm only going in for one semester anyway (HOPEFULLY! OH HOW I PRAY TO GOD THAT IT'S ONLY ONE SEMESTER!).

It's really hard to say this but I miss California more and more everyday. I try hard to adapt to this new place, and I'm slowly warming up to it (Get it? Warming up? Cause it's cold and snowing? AHHH you know what I mean;]). However, what got to me was (I don't know if I had said this on my previous blog but I'm going to restate it anyway cause this is my site and I could practically do whatever I want with it and whenever I want:]) Vaughn's voicemail the other day. I actually do believe I've stated this before. Oh well! It just got to my heart, that's why. Don't worry, 3 years will be nothing. Yo Vaughn (Including Stephen, Ate Lyza, Kuya Jeff, Justin, John, Jon, and everyone else. You know who you are), just think of it like this, If we were able to be friends for more than 3 years, this little obstacle will be a piece of cake. You know that and I know that. It's just a matter of time before you start planning out a reunion, nigg!

And since this is a blog about me flying away from the nest, I just wanted to say that I truly do miss my sister more than anything in the world. I've never cried harder than the last moments we spent together in that airport terminal. That scene just can't be erased from my memory bank. I recall the first night that I arrived in Canada, I locked myself in the room that my brother and I were given to use, and just hid under the blankets. Clutching the little Beanie Baby (in the form of a monkey) that she had given to me the day before my family's departure, and attempting to halt the flow of the tears from my eyes to the comforter, I gave her a call to tell her that I missed her and I loved her very much. Don't worry, Ate, we'll be back soon:]

Anyway, once again, this was a pretty lengthy blog. I understand if you're bushed right after you read this. Actually, you might not even read this thing at all:] Nevertheless, I got to say what I wanted to and I got things out of my pecks (I'm a man so I don't have a chest;] Joke). I greet you a Good Morning California because it's barely 10:24 am there and it's already 1:24 pm here. Thanks for stopping by and Stay Classy, San Diego.



  1. Andro! get your glasses and be prepared to read! i feel like writing you an essay before i head to work, cause your gonna start school tomorrow and i wanna say GOODLUCK! on your first canadian school! I'm sure those canadian kids will love you! As long as your not "stuck-up" and "mean" like andro and jecjec. And i also wanna remind you about the fohawk. lol. grow it back, not the goatee or are moustache! hahaha. And dont forget to ship your guitar cause your stubborn and you refuse to sing without it. and the FLASHDRIVE!! oh my borrow one from your canadian friends! lol. Well, have a great canadian senior year! Study hardy! so you can be a pharmacist and maybe i get to be your assistant technician someday :D BOSS! Tell your tatay that girl with the funky hair said kamusta! hahaha. ugh. i still cant believe canada stole you away. well, GO CANADA be nice to andro. lol. see you in LESS THAN THREE YEARS!! dont forget to celebrate with me on feb11 okay?? HAHA. if you need crude, stupid and repetitive jokes, you know who to aim :) take care buddy!

  2. Most definitely a piece of cake :] Like I've said! "We've been years running!" & it doesn't stop now! I miss you a lot & you know we all do! But you'll be back soon <3 I hope you enjoy your first day of CANADIAN school tomorrow (& allyson wishes to know if they slop cafeteria food on your plate -_-)!

    I love you :]! & stay warm lil bro [bruv! haha! see, i'm one of the guys now!]! & we'll be seeing you soon! <3