Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trust me baby, I confide in your love

Dwele just keeps on amazing me!
Enjoy this tune and let him put you in a love trance.

Dwele - Kick Out of You - Dwele

Today was quite enjoyable. To be honest, I really had nothing to do. So, I spent the day the same way I did for the ones that preceded today: practicing "singing." Since I really have no guitar handy, might as well work with the one I can never really get rid of, right? :] Anyway, that was such a pleasant activity. Besides that, however, I really did nothing. Oh! I just remembered. School starts next week, that is if I get my transcripts in time and I set up an appointment for my classes. I'm pretty sure that will go smoothly. I'm not really that excited to start school again. I had the chance to visit the school once and didn't really get the vibe that I had wanted. Nevertheless, the thrill of learning I hope will compensate for that. I really do miss school though. Haha! Speaking of school, my former schoolmates (and still my bestfriends) revealed to me information that probably made my High School Career worth it. I just found out I was voted best musician in Northridge Academy for the class of 2008-2009! Go Pumas! Oh how I miss my school. I have confidence in saying that NAHS has one of the best student teacher/staff relationships out of a lot of schools in the area. Hehe.

Ohh Wee! It's good that I got the troubles out of my head and just goin' with the flow as sj2 might say. Just cruisin' by and trying to make the best out of my situation. As My Main Man, Ray (Randolph P-izza;]) told me, "Just do you!" And that's what I've been doing.

Ya'll have a wonderful rest of the evening and I hope you stop by next blog;]
I'm pretty sure that one will be more interesting than this one. Hehe!



  1. Word up on NAHS having one of the best student/teacher/staff relationships. It's so small and cozy, haha.

  2. gotta agree with the student-staff/teacher relations.

    boo. canadian high school. is it a small school? small being 1500 or less. i hope you get a cafeteria lady who slops food on your tray. "a life is only as fulfilling as the stereotypes you encounter." not a real quote, actually. it just sounded right.

  3. you should have blogged about your guys' zip codes! & yeah, is your school a small school? is it as cute as something you'd see coming out of gilmore girls? lol