Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cause my voice can't reach you

This is my medium of choice. Feelgood music just gets to you especially after a shi**y day.

Closer - Slum Village

Really, it does seem as if the days keep getting worse and worse. Despite my life being so idle at the moment, though it is expected during the first months of a major move, I can't help but feel it'll just head downhill from here. However, I must keep an optimistic view. I can't help but just think about the good ol' times. I remember this, always. Nothing beats just chillin with Vaughn, Stephen, and John in the Prelude. Cruisin down whatever road, trying to argue on our destination, them doin' their thing and me doin' mine. Sometimes just sharing random stories on how our life is goin' [whether it was going well or going horribly, nothing was a bad topic]. Just as long as we spoke to each other and expressed what was goin on in our minds everything would be just fine. I remember my last few weeks in California. There was some things going on between all of us that bothered one anothing. However, knowing that we resolved that just reinforced the already concrete fact that we all truly will stay friends. Though the distance is great, the connection will never disappear.

I apologize for all the drama. It's just that the mood ain't to great today. At least not better than yesterday. Too many things bothering me lately and I just wanted to "vent." Haha. It's just funny that I keep listening to "Closer" and it feels like I need to keep writing. Does it help that I put it on repeat? I guess no one will really know. Hopefully tomorrow truly will be a brighter day, though I really doubt it. To start a new topic, I am really thankful that God has provided both my parents with great job interviews and for always blessing us and keeping us safe. I guess Kuya Jeff instilled in me the hobby of praying. I even say "Lord, God" everytime I pray now. So, thank you for that Kuya Jeff! Hopefully I get to that point Kuya Jeff! [You know what I'm talking about].

Hehe. I would also like to thank Jessica Luanne Ilagan for telling me a very crude joke though it did add some levity to my evening. May you sleep well at night with that notion:] Haha!
And also to Jamila, who appears to be suffering with the "under the weather" blues. Hope you get well soon:]

Well, I guess I'm out for this evening. Have yourself a wonderful evening.



  1. aww shucks andro!


  2. i'm glad bro.. praise God that you feel HIM into every situation of your life.. dont worrie.. things will get better.. because of God's promise to us of eternity.

    - jeffpaulo.

  3. i love you lil bro :]
    i'll talk to you tomorrow since i was able to respond earlier because my dad made me fix my bed, lol. but things will get better :] just really pray "Lord, God -- Father, God" haha :] just really hope, because in light of all things going on, hope can really get you so far<3

    love you!
    - ate lyza <3:] (heart-hat! remember?!, lol)

  4. yeaah it is the tbshot lol
    i forgot what the medical word for that injection is LOL