Monday, January 19, 2009

A 5 minute poem

Not literally a 5 minute poem, just took me 5 minutes to write. What can I say, i have inspiration:] It's still rough like sandpaper:

Her smile so big it blocks out the sun.
And though the cold grips me so heavily
I do not fret for her heart always seems
To keep me warm
No matter how far or how near.

Though her frame is tiny
She carries within it a giant heart
That beats so distinctly it is reminiscent
Of Hip-Hop, Pop-Lock, and Beat-Box
[iTunes] that peer into the souls of many [especially mine]
And involuntarily urges you to nod your head with
Carelessness yet accompanied with a sense
Of Security and Assurance.

And though she is far
Her heartbeats form some kind of
Morse Code that only I can Decode
With the ease of hot knife through butter.

Lame, I know:] Have a nice day and don't forget to read my previous blog:]