Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh how the day passes by so quickly

While reading my silly little post, enjoy this little selection from "The Foreign Exchange"

I Wanna Know - The Foreign Exchange

Oh how the day passes by so quickly. It's actually been like this since the first day I stepped into the country. I don't know if it's jet lag, staying up late;], or just straight up some other reason. Nevertheless, nothing alleviates the sun from passing by just so damn fast. I try so hard to grasp the day but nothing can really be done. With a moat of snow surrounding me, nothing literally can be done. It's always too cold to take a relaxing stroll down the street and there's always, unfortunately, a risk of frostbite. Although a black foot does look dope, it's not something I would want:] The lifestyle here is so different. People just stay inside due to the freezing cold and watch T.V. (well, maybe it's just me). Trying so scrape the frost off the windows just to see outside of the car is still something I'm trying to get used to. I'm sure I will eventually. I currently reside in a town called Barrie in Ontario, Canada. It's approximately an hour away from Toronto. Speaking of Toronto, I actually got to visit yesterday. Our uncle drove us around showing us the various places and spots in the city. Literally, it straight up reminds me of Los Angeles but with snow all around. I actually would like to live there. It's not different from the lifestyle that I was used to in California. Now, speaking of California, I do miss everyone. I miss my sister who just chills at my aunts house:] Also miss my friends who are living their lives without me;] Y'know? Haha. It's actually really hard not knowing anyone here. It gets pretty lonely, like emotionally. Haha. However, the connections never really disappeared. Still see them online, BlogTV (goober! Freaking Jagg. Lol), Skype, Myspace, Facebook, AIM, you name it. Phone calls never hurt also:] Ms. California (yeah, you know who you are, Nigga:]), you better not forget to call. Lol. And do your homework;] Anyway, I guess this is pretty long for the first blog so I'll just keep it short. Haha. Want you guys to come back for more, y'know? Lol. Keep it safe and keep me posted. Love you all<333>

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  1. although your presence may not be physical, you're still with us nonetheless :] we all miss you dearly, but you'll be back in no time! <3

    & your page gave me a very warm welcome (: thanks foreign exchange<3

    & i couldn't find the pictures, but i did find these! :
    (& yeah, i'm too lazy to resize -_- haha!)

    psssttt: just go to mine!
    it wouldn't let me post it here -_-
    but yeah! they're pretty outdated, too!
    like, 2003 to present i believe? hahaha (:
    i love you!