Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hoping that tomorrow is a brighter day

I find it rather amusing how a song can say so much in just a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, some of us can't even express our true feelings in a span of days, months or even years. Here's another tune that tickles the brain. All you have to do is click play and let the music take you away:

The Light 2008 (Its Love) - Common

(For some reason, Common always reminds me of Stephen)

Let me start out by saying that no matter how hard I attempt to find amusement in my new location, I really can't. I'm not saying that it's a horrible place (it's not at all!). I guess it's just I miss everyone so terribly that I had lost the ability bring up any other emotion in my own personal box-- at least temporarily. However, the snow is quite lovely. Though it does hurt when you stand outside for too long, the sight of the houses, streetlights, the streets, and sometimes a helpless bird covered in a white blanket truly is majestic. But nothing can ever beat the Valley lights. Oh how it just glows just past the mountains makes you feel welcome and calms the senses. I am really going to miss that. So, all of you Californians, don't take that for granted! Haha! I just remembered something. I remembered complaining a couple days back that whenever I wake up and take a peek outside, the mountains are no longer there. It's really, for the lack of a better word, WEIRD! Nevertheless, someday I will see them once again and all the denizens residing in proximity to it. Hope all is well with you all and Have a wonderful tomorrow. I miss you all<3

P.S. Pray that mah Nigga passes her PreCal exam tomorrow. Lol. She said she would call me later on, though I really doubt it, cause you know, she gets me into a whole heap of trouble:] (JK! Call me later. Lol) I bid you goodnight, to everyone who is 3 hours in the past!

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  1. We still haven't taken you to the spot. Mmm, will show you once you get back! (: & I'm still learning how to cook Pho. I made my first one today! Disaster, I say.

    But I will perfect it before you get back! (:
    Ate Lyza